You are one click away from everything.

Twitter may have forgotten that you are one click away from everything else. Keeping your users happy should be something you pay attention to. If you stop doing that for whatever reason, they can easily leave, in large numbers and at speed. Twitter may be experiencing what that is like right now.

Many many users have joined gettr in the past day due to Robert Malone on Joe Rogan talking about his gettr account as a way to keep in touch with him after being de-platformed from twitter. Control and censorship is how platforms on the internet can start to lose users and become less relevant.

One reason users left Myspace was because of censorship of political issues and links to youtube videos. One of the reasons people left Friendster to go to MySpace was because Friendster had severe content moderation policies. Back even further in the usenet days the famous quote by John Gilmore that “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it.” was referring to how usenet was resistant to censorship. Which was true until usenet got too big for service providers to carry and everyone started using the web.

This could be the beginning of the end of twitter. Find me on gettr.

Edit: I actually hate gettr too, so maybe elon will save twitter?

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